Took a Vaca

There is probably a lot of stuff that should be acknowledged.  The thought that keeps coming to my head, lately, is that stuff moves so fast.  A lot of stuff has happened since I’ve last posted, or since I last thought about writing, or since I looked up.

So, like I’ve said, some stuff has happened.  First and foremost, and some super dope shit, my brother Kendall graduated Grad Schoolll!!! yeah!!,, dope, applause!!!  I’m mad proud of him and can’t wait to grow up with the dude.  Like,,, I’m looking for work and hopefully scored some nice second chance opp. type stuff.   My good, good homie just got engaged to a bomb chick.  Can’t forget that.  But, yeah,, you know stuff is moving quick.  It’s like a constant need for lateral movement, while pushing forward, is more prevalent, in the forefront of my mind, than ever before.

There is also some knarly stuff going on.  I can’t write on any further without acknowledging my deep remorse, and disdain, for that type of total bs, that happened in Florida.  I don’t even think I have the right to say much on that, but it is all negative against that type of blind hatred, and selfishness.  There is a huge difference between thought and action, and if you feel that you cannot live without acting on your,,,,, worst thoughts, prior to acting,,,, please just kill yourself.  I’m sorry, I don’t mean to put things all basic and think that psyche of good vs. evil can be decided in one’s own head, or my writing, but I digress.  For the sake of getting back into to touch, that’s all I have to say about that.

I wish I had looked up more current events now.  Like, you know, been more informed, spout some well rounded material out.  Started doing some blog news.  “The interior bl-ahh blah blah”, haha.  Yeah.


Well,,,, I guess I’ll take this opportunity to write about something, or someone rather, that has been on my mind almost a week now.

I ride the bus, often.  Many of us do.  One of my inter-daily struggles is deciding on whether or not to buy a day pass, or to save the $3 for a beer, and just make a nice bike ride home.  Anwayyyy,,,,

I was taking the bus to a thing, at a place, and I was using the La Palma 38 bus.   OOOOO…. haha.  I walk onto the bus.  The bus driver says, “good morning”.

I say, “tally HoOO Sar!!!” haha nahhh… I just said what’s up and got on the bus.

So, I was just kickin it.  Maybe playin boom beech, maybe sudoku.  who knows? no one can be sure.  And I was just going along my bus ride.

We travel a stop or 2 down, and other people get on the bus.

There was an exchange between the bus driver and one of the new people.  It had to do about respect for those around us.  It ended pleasantly.

We stopped again a bit further down the road.

A lone man scurried hurriedly to the bus podium and stopped.  He and the bus driver had an even louder exchange.

The man was looking for his money and then said he lost it.  A game that I am more familiar with that I would like to admit.

So, I will go back to the first time I met this particular OCTA agent, Robert.  I hopped onto the bus at Euclid.  I had $1.75 on me and put it into the machine, saying that I had lost my other quarter.  Robert said this.  “MAn why didn’t you tell me you couldn’t pay the fair, and I probably would’ve given you a free ride.”

Now, I had a few quick reactions to this.  First of all, I was all like, damn, this dudes comin at me like,,, pretty straight up,,, and then my next thought was like, damn, he’s right , I wish I could’ve just said “hey I’m broke”, and then I would have a buck 75 for a beer later… I sat down, and went along the route to my drop off point.

I was reflecting on this first encounter during my next and current ride to some place.  And I’m observing Robert, the bus driver, act, and react, to the rest of us.  I got off the bus.

Time passed…

I was now waiting across La Palma, for my return bus ride home.

I was feeling particularly strange with my spot or plot in life, at the place I had dropped and plopped.

The bus was on approach.  I remember watching it and wondering about the bus driver, and if he would be driving back now.  He was.

I got on the bus and had my 2 bucks out.  Robert told me to just hop on.

I was definitely not overwhelmed or anything.  There was no like, “oh I gotta talk to this guy”, or “like hey man!! what’s your deals?”, goin on.  I just sat down in the first seat and settled in for the ride.

I can’t be sure who spoke first.  Well, now I’m sure it was Robert.  He invited me on the bus, for free.  He said he greets everyone who enters his bus.  I believe him.  That was the first conversation that Robert was having with the gentleman on my ride up.  Apparently, that man had blatantly ignored Roberts greeting, and had then asked him some sort of question.  Robert asked the man, “why he ignored his greeting?” The man said’ “i didn’t hear you”.  Nothing transpired except for a piece of both men being shared in public.

We began talking, Robert, and I.

I asked him about his work experience.  I had heard him mention 37 years as a driver for the county.  He said that he had also been a transporter for county corrections and the navy in that time.  I could see and hear all the experience in his voice.  This 60 something year old, black man, from some place on Earth, has done a lot of driving for the public of Orange County.

I can’t surmise the complete context of the interaction in such short time and words.  Basically, I got a call from the interviewer of the job i had just spoke to, saying to get everything handled.. (i.e. bg check and drug screen).

So, I got off the phone and I’m all stoked.  Stuff is moving fast.  State College street is flying by.  I’m on the bus headed home.  And I am having the pleasure,,, of conversing with Robert, the bus driver.

We started speaking in that weird sort of, (to Stephen King it) hi speak, of understanding. The importance of respect, for time,,, and process,,, and appreciation,,, god,,, and wisdom,,, came out.  We spoke freely and passively, about both the acknowledgement of the day, and the blessings bestowed within it.  After, of course, the acknowledgement of the desire to see and feel such simplicity.

It was music man.

Alright, well ima go on home.  I got stuff to do.  I hope to talk to you real soon. facebook . haha









Life is

Like…. searching for what you want to be, and looking for what you’ll settle with.

Watching for eventually, and fuck a rhyme….

but making steady settlements.

I don’t live with honesty and this can be unsettling

but honestly i could leave and live without benevolence

but honestly i imagine time will catch up to considerense

It’s. Ancient

You know, so many things inspire us, in some of the lamest, most cheesy, unconventional ways.  I just went and witnessed the new Jurassic park movie.  It brought New, old, feelings to the forefront of my thoughts.  I found myself laughing alone at times.  It’s very funny because, the new monster is a hybrid of the old monsters, which turn out to be heroes, and become humanized.  Then at the end, the new monster is left alone, with the endless possibilities, of ruling over a new domain, waiting to create the next-generation, which will surely follow in its trail.  I’m about to make a New leap, and hopefully my” new monster” , will become the next hero.

I love life.  It’s complete with whatever possibilities one can think of, we just have to seek them.  But we also have to observe the monster, otherwise it can get out of hand.  I’ll let you see what happens with mine 😉

mellow yellow

I like to drink shitty beer.  I’m sorry, malt liquor, with high alcohol %age.  That’s just me.

Actually, it started back in high school.  Me, and the boys, we had 3 stores we could buy from. Legit, no hastle, pay your money and bail type shit.  I like things like that.  Strictly business between respectful patrons and purveyors.  They got what I want, I got the money to get them what else you need.

Business.  That is what makes the world go ’round.  Like,,, “what do you do?”, theoretical response, “fuck you that’s my business!”.  See! what we do is our business, or, your business, or my blahblah.  (Not trying to say anyone is horning in on my ummm,,, life stuff, but yeah)  Sometimes it’s best, or necessary, to keep business matters personal, and not get personal matters mixed up with business.

I often struggle with that.  It’s like at work when you’re trying to talk and relate with co-workers on a business level, and then personality, or personal rather, comes to the surface.  It’s not a bad thing.  It just complicates business.

Ive been doin pretty cool lately.  Tampa is kind of a ghetto paradise.  I totally fit in.  I be all like, rollin though the hood on my 2full tires. passing by the cryers and the sunday drivers.  Always on the move or in some kind of spire.  I simply aspire to climb a little bit higher.  claim that I’m a lar and ill call you a denier.  We’ll push back and forth until you turn me to a fighter.  Then I light a fire that burns a little brighter.  And then i know im righter and I’m a writer that’s a lefty.  I guess you could detest me but dont ever fucking test me.


It’s just like…

You catch a seed, and then instead of taking a seat, you go and plant it

Now, this can happen on accident.  The wind pollinates wildly.

It’s like a child see.  All the things you see, end in “what if?” endlessly.

Almost relentlessly you must pursue these things.

Because you’ll never get to everything.  That’s impossible.

But many things, often times, are here to play.

I think I know how I want to live my life (at least try to).  I want everyone I meet, to think, and need, and feel, like they want to attend my funeral.

I Wonder

I’m almost tired of worrying about context.  It’s almost like a complex.  To see how far that I can complex,,, anything, and everything, that has been published or created.  It’s like, this all has been belated.  This has all been stated.  This all could be greatness, but I ain’t a part, so ima hate this.

Quick changes, happen in life.  I can drink a beer, have fun tonight.

And so quickly, come to fear tomorrow night. Because I cause so many fears in my deep, that still reside inside……………………. But yet I ride.

I’ll be here the next day.  And shouldn’t you? I hope for just the same.

I got some people that I sure could blame.  But still it’s up to me to run eternally.