Serious Business For A Sec.


I was talking all kinds of smack about wanting to get my own charity going, and after looking into the logistical process of doing that, I have decided to just simply promote for a really great charity group.

The Society Of St. Vincent De Paul has been serving struggling individuals and family’s, of all races, genders, nationalities, and religious affiliations for over a hundred years.  I wish that I was able to regurgitate the entire history right now, but I will not. If I do become more ambitious with this endeavor one day, maybe I’ll due some extra research.  All I know is that they serve the less fortunate, and have even helped a down and out Nick Perez once or twice.

So some quick facts.  The pamphlet I picked up when I visited the headquarters here in Phoenix only speaks for the Arizona stats.  In Arizona alone, they serve around 3,500 hot meals a day.  That’s a lot of kids.  They also fund, it says here, 16,000 medical and dental appointments each year.  That is 16 people 1000 times….. Yeah.

Basically, all I did was go to the main building, talk to 2 very sweet ladies, T and D, and tell them that I’ll give them a shout out, and hopefully, if anybody appreciates tasteful writing, a few people will end up reading it.  They also said to just mention my name when you DO donate a dollar to make me look somewhat useful to society,,, and cool.

Thank You

(No money is sent to or handled by me.  I’m Chillin haha)


A couple ways to DO this:

Food or Clothing:  Call (602) 850-6748  

CA$$$$HHH:  (602) 266-GIVE (4483)

Or Go Online To:


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