Tales Of The Trip (While on the trip….

The night by the pool went great.  I laid down for like 12 hours straight.  Then started cramping, everywhere, and jumped in the pool (all I could really think to do) which worked well.  I chilled under the stars and floated for the rest of the night.  A lady gave me 2 cigarettes around sunrise, and no one called the cops on me.  Truly a blessing and a half.

I left the pool around 8 ish.  Unfortunately I still felt rather drained.  Actually, more like pure badonk.  I had… lost all of my money already (will explain that some other time), my bike was already getting hinky on me, and I was totally exhausted and melancholy-ish.  So I went to church (I wasn’t scared though. don’t twist it.) I sat in for the 9 am Mass that I found out existed at 9:05.  I walked my giant backpack, complete with dangling dirty blanket, like a ninja, right into the middle of the room.  I don’t even know if I really thought that one through,,,,, but it worked.

A nice gentleman from the choir handed me $20 pretty quick and I got to meet, and talk for a bit, with a nearly 90 year old woman, who said she was enlisted with the first group of female marines, around WWII.  Her daughter was there to nod and corroborate the story, which wasn’t ness. cause I could sense the deserved pride and low key badassness.  She was pretty ummm, fair for a 90 year old.  She gave me $10 bucks for lunch.  I went to JacknCrack.

Well, even after lunch, mass and a little casual strolling, I still knew I was in no position to be riding up a mountain out of Palm Springs, in September, and again around noon.  So I went to Church!

It’s funny how often in life it is so difficult to find the one thing you are looking for.  Ahhhh…

I found one after a bit of lost meandering in Palm Springs,Sep, noon, blah blah.  I pulled into the parking lot of the “Palm Springs Baptist Church”, to get the last 15 or so minutes of the small servico en espanol.  They were super cool.  I explained the sitch, told them I was good on money, and requested a ride part way up the mountain.  They told me no problemo and invited me for lunch.

Even though I have just eaten a meal, I knew I would need the energy, and el pollo olía y se veía tan bueno! It smelt bueno.

After that was wrapped and packed, I found out that the pastor would be driving me, with his son, around 13 or so.  I took the opportunity to school them on insanity, say fuck you to the vanity and fly free especially against the gravity.  The pastor politely reminded me that idealism isn’t a real job.  Thank you sir.

He took me much further than I had requested.  All the way over the mountain to about 20 miles outside 29 Palms.  My halfway to Kingman, AZ point.  We said goodbye and went on with our totally separate missions.


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