Tales From The Trip Pt. 3

First thing, I have to say thank you to everyone in Phoenix, AZ, especially the people at the FireHouse.  I also want to thank my Father for driving out there to visit, and check out my gear.  I made it to Tuscon safely and quickly, and I have infiltrated the U of A library.  The fun continues as I sit here.  Unfortunately, I only have 30 mins to write this part,,,,, and do those nice things like listen to music and check in with the FB homies.  Whateverzzzzzz.

The Pastor and his son drove off, leaving me somewhere outside of 29 Palms.  I had bought a sandwich earlier, and some chips (salsa verde), and pulled up in front of a little local bar to eat.  There was a few old dudes chillin on the patio and when the saw me pull up they asked what was up.  I told ’em “mind your own biz”! Haha… No I told them that I was on the way to the East Coast, and so they started sharing war stories.  I guess they were all Marines.  Thank you for the service and sacrifice.

I finished snaking and left.  I coasted down the road.  Discovered a new mountain to walk up.  Did that bullshit.  I then flew downhill into 29 Palms!

I was elated to be halfway.  I decided to celebrate with a Steel Reserve and 4 Loco combo,  I’ll call it a cheapway streetdrank….. I got hydrated and wandered into a Biglots to get ice milk and whatever else caught my fancy.

I decided that I had earned the privilege to make myself comfortable on the Biglots couches, eat my ice cream, and annoy customers with existential questions.  I actually did this.

The employees didn’t seem to mind and I hung out for about an hour and then left after dark.

So, I didn’t quite realize this, but there was nuuuuuttthhhing after 29 Palms except for nearly endless miles of the highway 62 cutting, zigzagged through the Sleepy Mountains or some blah.

I pulled up to the sign that read, “100 miles” to next services.  I had bought another beer for security stupidity and pushed off into the darkness.

Now, 100 miles in a car, 2 hours tops.  (Unless you’re in LA)  100 miles on a bicycle, in the mountains, at night, with only the Milky Way to look at and smile back is rather…. peaceful, but a bitch of a distance.  I went uphill, downhill, uphill, flathill for hours in the dark.  Maybe 3 cars passed by.

Finally, after hours of riding, I came to the 2nd longest section of downhill I have come across to date (the longest being on the way to Phoenix).  I just coasted and closed my eyes from exhaustion.  Dumb.  I coasted right off the side of the road, happy as a sleeping idiot flying downhill on a bike.  Thank God for sand.

At the end of the downhill I couldn’t continue.  I had to sleep.  I tossed my blanket down, not even looking to see if it was on cactus, and passed out.

When I would wake up, I would learn that I only went about 60 miles and was about to run out of water.  AWESOME! I love learning through experience.


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