So, I am currently sitting at the New Mexico State U’s Library, trying my hardest, to force myself to exude, in print, all the experiences, and emotions that follow, in order to catch up with My Trip.  That ain’t gone happen right now.  However, I can speak on what I feel at the moment.

A good friend once told me, “you need to be more visceral!”  I said, “wtf mate, I’m no English major.  What does that mean?”

She told me what she meant, and basically, I realized that she was write(ha).  (I purposely left the def. out so one can look it up and really learn, if they care to.)

Anywho, the point I am trying to get to is that, regardless of whatever position you, I, they might be in, we ALL have to remember that life is happening right now.  Forcing things, one way or the other, may have an impact. Projection!  But the inspiration behind actions is what brings joy and vigor.  Enjoy the moment.  Think in the moment.  Inspire yourself, and Others, in the moment.  It is all we have.

I am moving along, still enjoying the ride, and I’ll be in Texas later today.

Mucho Amore



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