Tales Of The Trip (Back to the Point haha


I have been rather distracted lately.  I’ve met a lot of people, and seen a lot of things, and not to mention the butt trauma of sitting on a banana seat for multiple hours a day.  But I digress

I got to Kingman! and spent 2 weeks there and turned 25 and did….. stuff.

I left Kingman, AZ with a travel companion, female, who I haven’t decided how to label yet (for reasons of digression) so I’ll just call her Jenna.  It was Sept. 27 (Happy Birthday Stuff) and we simply decided to wander into the wilderness away from the security of what was, and left behind, for a time, so many things that we hold precious.  Life has a way of creating those moments and choices.

The decision was made to go together just outside of the library.  So like adults, we stuck true, and trucked strong.

The elation and nerves of walking into the neworldness was fresh and apparent on J, and revitalizing for me.  We had just left a new friend and fellow traveler, the first of many I had met along the trip, and we were making plans to meet up in Flagstaff asap.

We walked to the edge of town in no time and pulled into a McDonalds for a McChicken.  We talked about the endless possibilities of the road ahead, and how terribly fucked we were on supplies.  Good things.

The chicken patty and waters went quick and so did we.  Our first stupid obstacle was a row of train tracks, a fence, and a giant field of mud.  I’m used to bullhonkey of that sort at this point, and J is just straight up raw. We continued ahead without issue.  Who has the energy to backtrack anyway.

We got onto a trail that ran just alongside the 40 fwy, which was more fun and private than the shoulder of the freeway.

“Ruff!!!” (big loud bark sound).

Happy New Year and Much Love

-Nicky P.


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