Tales From The Trip (The Long, Long Walk

Bush (We named him Bush because we found him in a bush), Jenna and I were just thrust together, as a traveling entourage.  In the space of 2 hours, my entire trip changed completely.

We were walking along the freeway for a few hours, and the trail suddenly took a hard right into the mountains.  Our forward progress was blocked by a fenced off ranch, full of old, ooolllllld farm equipment.  It looked pretty cool.

Well, like I had mentioned earlier, we were pretty low on water and had basically no food.  So I took the bike up ahead to see if the trial curved back towards the freeway.  It did not.

What I did find was a weak point in the gate that led into a rock quarry and a small pond.  I hollered to J and my new puppy to come on over, and we all crawled under the fence into the scenic rest area.  We made it a rest area.

There were some kids playing in there suvs, and we watched them for a bit, then headed off again.  As we walked through, we could see the distant outline of the gas station sign where we would rest for the night.

I’m gonna make a quick sidebar note, that one of the strangest things about riding a bike, or walking, great distances is that, very often, you will see or catch glimpses of where you are going, miles and miles…. and MILeS! ahead.  I have gotten used to it by now, but it’s kind of cool and kind of not at the same time.  Either way, it’s beautiful, but you know how sometimes something is “too beautiful”, and you’re all like “oh.. I’ll never get that…., or I mean there ;’)…”, and you take yourself out of the game.  Don’t do that! Perseverance is everything….. I hope haha


Ahhhhh nah, I’ll end it right here for now.

Take it ez, pay Per-ez

-Nicky P.


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