Tales From The Trip (Seligman and Boston

J, Bush and I pulled into this sleepy town, the starting point of Route 66, in separate ways.  I’ll explain later…

like right now.

Basically J and Bush were picked up about 7 miles outside of town by a sheriff, and were escorted to town, pulling up at the exact same time that I was exiting the freeway.  It was wonderful timing.

I had left them about 13 miles from town and took off on the bike, because again,,,,,, we were running low on water.  I’ll tell you, that shit goes so quick with 2 peeps and a big dog, working their tales 😉 off just to get down the road.  We had refiled our full, 4 gallon, supply at Willow Creek.  Fresh water.  We made it almost the whole way to Seligman, but like always, we had to made some quick choices.

What happened was, after we found our beautiful perch on top of a road side hill in northwest AZ, off the side of the 40 fwy, and woke up in the morning to an extremely depleted supply of liquid life, we started having chats.

I left her and and the dog with the rest of the water, and a quick, 13 mile stroll down the road.  I rode ahead on the bike.  The plan was for me to take the gear and the bike ahead to go get water and food and then go back to meet them while they were walking down the road towards town.  That didn’t go as planned.

What happened was much better!  J and B were driven to town, by a very polite officer, and I didn’t have to ride back to get them.  The dude even offered to drive me back to my stuff that I had to ditch for the time being (carrying an extra 50 pounds or so was not conducive to quick travel) and we all settled into our new home.  The side of a Cheveron in Seligman, AZ…. For the time being.


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