ode to skateboarding

Do I wanna fall this 20 feet?

Well, first I have to land this first kickflip

I mean everyone can ollie

landing the 1st one wasn’t even nollie

But, a little timing becomes touchy

Now, I’m like wheely stalling

and barely falling

I met the first step

I jumped to 3rd step

Now this feels right

I’m grinding out what’s left.

So impressed but never feeling it’s the best.

So only the best in-sane-Lee

Continue doing the inxane things

I mean it’s the x games

And we go so craze

to see these crazy things

of peoples masteringz

the balance and heart

the motion of the art

the simple twitch we make

can really tear we to shreds

I mean remember me what’s left

I know i throw myself out there

I may never land on my feet

but the board will fall before me


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