So, I know I’ve been posting a couple of silly poems, but I also have other stuff on my mind.  I don’t really like the “idea” of predication, although how else are we supposed to set the basis of ourselves, whatever we are talking about, whatever. You know? We can never make someone understand us, all we can do is explain ourselves.  So like… everything we say is predication, because we live in the future. Right?

Anyway,,,  I understand that I was not very good at predicating, talking persay… in my younger years. I’m a little better at it now.  I promise.  However, before I wouldn’t say that I couldn’t express myself, it was just, I was just, simply at awe at the complexity of thought, and the experience of the world.  You know,,uhh,,, rather spacy.  I still can be, often, at times.  It’s a little more like a choice now.

Right so… I initially logged on to write some other random poem on taxes.  I’ll get to that in a min… And then I was watching some video on anythingtube, and it was all like, “think about shit”, and “express yourself”, and “share with people”, and blah blah blah.  So now I’m making some type-ical attempt to do so… with like,, words and all that crazy, linguistic, expressive shit, that English, and other, previous languages that I don’t know,(….. Yet;) have blessed us with.  Using English.

And I’m not in any way, by any means, all about English.  I want to learn, and totally respect all languages, and dialects.  I am still trying to learn how to say hello in every know language, just cause that would be cool, and my Spanish and French is decently terrible.  I want to be able to get by in both,,, and maybe Mandarin,,, or whatever Leonardo Decaprio speaks in “Blood Diamond”, gangster shit haha.

So yeah, what was I gonna say

Oh yeah right!  English is the top-baller language.  Only because it’s the newest.  Simply, nothing is off limits in the english language.  I can say fo shizzle, and everyone knew what I meant.  Why?  Because it’s phonetically relatable?  Because Snoop Dogg said it?  I don’t know. Sidebar:

I had this friend named Keezy.  All the theezy’s we teezy beezeed were ending in eezy.  Ya kneezy.  It was pretty teezy.

English has the most words,,,, by far…  Is the word hotdog 1 word, or 2?  Or is it 3 words?  Hmmm… who know’s?  That’s not even the coolest thing.  English is pretty much spoken with the tongue, and of coarse lips, and stomach, and face,,,,,,,,,,,, but there’s not a lot of throaty sounds, like Asian, or Native American languages.  Also the tongue is the closest organ to the brain.  The first place you touch someone with, both conversationally, and romantically.

I happen to believe that English  is the closest thing to telepathy, one can argue for body language and I would fully enjoy a conversation on the topic.  Basically, we aren’t inventing any forms of speech after English as a human race.  The language will simply continue to evolve, but the grammatical foundation for the ability of expression, through English, is infinite.  You can’t pass what goes on forever though.

So that was a whole little rant about my thoughts, paraphrased, on language.  I have opinions on a lot of stuff.  Like,,, how I feel about the brand Nike.  All I can say about the brand Nike is , that stuff is Tops!  (btw i think im making tops my catchphrase, don’t be a shwakker) The fact that I will wear pretty much any Nike product, any place, at any time, is probably due to proper product placement in my athletic, formative years, and the fact that the swoosh is the most legit logo ever.  I will have a closet full of Nike sneakers before I die, mark my words.  Just do it.

Opinions are differential in value and circumstance.  For example, my opinions on Nike differ from my opinions onnnn,,,, let’s take taxes.  A very simple issue, in my opinion.  I feel that.. If a country is going to be subjected to an authoritative, organised, governing, ummmm government, then we have to pay taxes.  Obvious, no questions asked.  Because, if we participate in a belief of organised structure, where the views of the general public are funneled into demographics, which are represented by people, elected by people, represent the beliefs of the people in those demographics, those people must have “money”, or make shit happen tickets, to get paid and, more importantly, enact those beliefs.

I think that every monetary trade, whether business to business, person to business, income from business, or any sales from or for business, should be taxed 1%… Or whatever would work.  No tax return.  No write off’s.  Not fucking brackets.  You’re getting taxed 1% fool.  Whatever.  You don’t like it?  Whatever.  I think it makes sense.  Idk… and obviously you can’t tax, like toothfairy money, or kickin your homie 5 bucks for a burger, or giving a homeless guy a buck.  You should give homeless peeps a buck.  Their lives suck more than yours.  For whatever reason.

The relationship of differential values in opinions, such as my opinions of Nike and  “taxes”, derives from this thought.  My opinion of Nike is personal.  If you personally don’t think Nike is tops, then I personally don’t give a fuck.  Taxes are different.  Like,,, that shits important.  It’s like,, interpersonal, or extrapersonal, or somewatevr.

Ima go to bed

You don’t like it, Just top it haha


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