Tales From The Trip (What Bark’s From the Bush?

Ruff!!!…. or Rough.

Either way my partner and I were about to pick up a new road dog.

We heard the big bark, and both of us jumped and went into safety mode.  It took me second to scan the area (we were in a big field) and finally I saw a big red head poking out of some thorn bushes about 30ft from where Jenna and I were standing.

I was kind of weirded out, more like a bit sketched out, to aproach this big, beautiful, pure bred-bred, red, Doberman, that was pretty much full grown, sitting in thick thorn bushes.  I think he weighed, about 70 pounds…. maybe 80.

I walked up to him with a cup of McDonalds’ finest tap water.  Slowly….

He refused it, and looked at me with a blank look.  He had big, wide, yellow eyes.

It had just rained.. a lot, for the last few days, and I bet he was plenty hydrated.  So I went and grabbed all the beef jerky I had and brought it back to him.  The boy gobbled that shit right up.  COol… I had a dog.  My friend Kyler, the traveler dude I met in Kingman, had talked about getting a dog, but I whooped his butt in that race ahahahahahaaa…… anyway..

We named him Bush.  JBelle and I talked and we decided that there was no way, or time, to walk to the housing development we saw about a mile away, to look for an owner.  He had no tag.  He had been alone for awhile.  He was obviously abandoned or some other bullshit things happened to him and he booked it.  Either way he was skinny.

I tied a shoe string around the dude and we took off.  I quickly let him walk around on his own because when that fool (dog fool… doool) wanted to he could pull a big rig, and I’m only 6’3″ 200lbs.  We were in a big feild full of mud puddles anyway.  Getting around was easier with a dirty, wild, strong, awesome dog pulling you around…. not.

Anyway, I gotta go explore New Orleans on a bike, and try to get a job, so I can eat and stay for Mardi Gras.  Wish me luck.

Peace, Love and Party

-Nicky P.


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